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Monday 30 December 2013

Special Edition 64

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People don't have to think for themselves any more, because the media does it for them.

From australianclimatemadness.com
The ABC, like the BBC in the UK and the majority of mainstream media outlets in the US, parrots the same liberal-left slant on every story, including the absolute belief in the alarmist position on climate change.
Daniel Greenfield writes ( http://sultanknish.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/rise-of-mediacracy.html ) :
A nation where governments are elected by the people is most vulnerable at the interface between the politicians and the people. The interface is where the people learn what the politicians stand for and where the politicians learn what the people want. The bigger a country gets, the harder it is to pick up on that consensus by stopping by a coffee shop or an auto repair store. That's where the Mediacracy steps in to control the consensus.
The media is no longer informative, it is conformative. It is not interested in broadcasting events unless it can also script them. It does not want to know what you think, it wants to tell you what to think. The consensus is the voice of the people and the Mediacrats are cutting its throat, dumping its body in a back alley and turning democracy into their own puppet show.
Media bias was over decades ago. The media isn't biased anymore, it's a player, its goal is turn its Fourth Estate into a fourth branch of government, the one that squats below the three branches and blocks their access to the people and blocks the people's access to them. Under the Mediacracy there will still be elections, they will even be mostly free, they just won't matter so long as its upper ranks determine the dialogue on both sides of the media wall.
The Mediacracy isn't playing for peanuts anymore. It's not out to skew a few stories, it's out to take control of the country. In military empires, the military can act as a Praetorian Guard. In political empires, it's the people who control the political conversation who also control the succession.

Major parties urged to stop undermining our democracy

From yourvoicematters.com.au

The "Your Voice Matters" alliance agrees with His Excellency The Governor, who stated on Proclamation Day that the state of our political system is undermining our democracy. His Excellency pointed out that the concentration of power in the hands of ministers instead of the Parliament, along with a lack of ministerial accountability and the politicisation of the public service were all eroding our democratic system. We believe these things are also responsible for an understandable tendency among some South Australians to feel excluded from the political process, and to have "switched off" from politics. We believe that the only way to reverse this is for more independents to be elected to Parliament, particularly to the Legislative Council. Independents to hold Ministers to account, independents to be the voice of the vast majority of South Australians who are not among the favoured few on both sides of politics. We believe the Legislative Council is the last line of defence when the voices of the people of South Australia are in danger of being drowned out.
Almost exactly a month ago, on the last sitting day of this Parliament, our politicians tampered with one of our most valued gifts - our democracy. Disguised as an action necessary to curb dodgy preference deals and unrepresentative minor parties, it did nothing of the sort. In an orgy of self-interest, the major parties got into bed together to entrench their positions even further. And they did so at the expense of the more than one million South Australians that are not members of either major party, who are not among the favoured few on both sides of politics, and who will not benefit from the factionalism that drives the major parties. A sitting independent Member of the Legislative Council referred to these changes as "clearly intended to disenfranchise independents and minor parties" and said they had "nothing to do with getting rid of preference deals." But the Government wants to make it even harder.
We call on the Premier and Attorney General to abandon their proposal to increase the nomination fee from $450 to $3000 per candidate. Having already increased the number of signatures required to nominate one independent candidate to more than that required to register a political party, this would be yet another attempt to drown out independent candidates during in the coming election. Campaigns don't come cheap, and by increasing the nomination fee, the Premier and Attorney General will be neatly adding $2550 to the money that each independent candidate needs to stump up to run their campaign. Money they would have used to keep their head above water, paying for how-to-vote cards and travel costs. The major parties and their friends have reservoirs full of cash, but what about a private citizen who has just had enough of them and believes our Parliament needs some new blood? What our Parliament needs is more independent members in both houses, not less. Who else is going to stop our voices being drowned out by the major parties? It's not too late to do the right thing, Premier!

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