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Monday 20 January 2014

Special Edition 67

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Coober Pedy Council fights high power prices

The District Council of Coober Pedy has turned to a lobbyist to help get government support to reduce high power prices in the town.,br> Mayor Steve Baines says the cost of electricity has drastically increased since off-grid subsidies began to be scaled down a few years ago. He says some medium-sized Coober Pedy businesses can pay from $14,000 to $40,000 a month for power.
Councillor Baines says the council and a local business group have engaged a lobbyist to create a campaign.
"To develop and manage a strategy that encompasses political lobbying and a media campaign in the lead up to the state election in March and I suppose the end result that we're looking for is to get a commitment from both major parties for a policy of price equalisation," he said.
"We don't want any special privileges, we don't want any more than what anyone else is getting, we just want to be treated fairly and equally and we're asking both political parties to develop a policy that would encompass that change."

Prayers in parliament: why we need them

From FamilyVoice Australia
“It was déjà vu on January 15 when Greens acting leader Richard Di Natale announced he will move to abolish parliamentary prayers,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.
She pointed out that the Greens have been doing this ever since October 1997, when then Greens leader Bob Brown moved the same motion in the Senate. Lee Rhiannon did likewise in September 2003 in the NSW upper house. Both moves were soundly defeated.
“The Speaker and the President read out two short prayers at the beginning of each parliamentary day,” Ros Phillips said. “They are an expression of the Christian foundation of our nation. Our Westminster-style parliament and democracy stem from our Christian heritage. The design of parliament, with government and opposition members facing each other across the central aisle, copies the choir stalls in the Westminster chapel where our parliamentary system began.”
Ros Phillips said the Greens’ move indicates their hypocrisy. “They support the acknowledgement of Australia’s indigenous heritage which is also read out daily in the Senate,” she said. “But they want to deny this nation’s Christian heritage, which has given us the freedoms and prosperity we all enjoy.”
“No MP is required to be present during the prayers, or to join in praying them – but they are an important reminder that ultimately, we must all answer to a higher authority,” Ros Phillips said. “Almost all candidates who responded to our survey on family, faith and freedom issues before the 2013 federal election said they would strongly support, or had no plans to remove, parliamentary prayers. Only the Greens disagreed.”

‘The party’s over’ for IPCC

From http://australianclimatemadness.comIt's sure been great (for the climate rent-seekers and hangers-on, that is), but now it's over.
Maurice Newman, in The Australian:
"What we now see is the unravelling of years of shoddy science and sloppy journalism. If it wasn't for independent Murdoch newspapers around the world, the mainstream media would be almost completely captured by the IPCC establishment. That is certainly true in Australia. For six or seven years we were bullied into accepting that the IPCC's assessment reports were the climate science bible. Its chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, told us the IPCC relied solely on peer-reviewed literature. Then Murdoch papers alerted us to scientific scandals and Donna Laframboise, in her book The Delinquent Teenager, astonished us with her extraordinary revelation that of 18,000 references in the IPCC's AR4 report, one-third were not peer reviewed. Some were Greenpeace press releases, others student papers and working papers from a conference. In some chapters, the majority of references were not peer reviewed. Many lead authors were inexperienced, or linked to advocate groups like WWF and Greenpeace. Why are we not surprised?
The IPCC was bound to be captured by the green movement. After all, it is a political body. It is not a panel of scientists but a panel of governments driven by the UN. Its sole purpose is to assess the risks of human-induced climate change. It has spawned industries. One is scientists determined to find an anthropogenic cause. Another is climate remediation. And, naturally, an industry to redistribute taxes to sustain it all. With hundreds of billions of dollars at stake, this cartel will deny all contrary evidence. Its very survival depends on it. But the tide is turning and Mother Nature has signalled her intention not to co-operate.
In the meantime, childish personal attacks on those who point out flaws in IPCC reasoning and advice only increase scepticism. They are no substitute for empirical evidence and are well into diminishing returns. The party's over.

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