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Monday 10 February 2014

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ATEC offers support for lower Coober Pedy power prices

ABC News
The state branch of the Australia Tourism Export Council (ATEC) is supporting the Coober Pedy community's push for fairer power prices.
The District Council of Coober Pedy and the town's Retail, Business and Tourism Association are lobbying the major parties to ensure prices in the town are on par with those in cities.
They recently formed the Outback Power Action Lobby to push for bilateral support for electricity price parity.
ATEC state branch chairman Paul Brown says Coober Pedy businesses are paying 110 per cent more than in the city.
He says the matter needs bilateral attention.
"They need to address the issue, I think it's just fair that the Government revisits this, whoever is in power after the March election revisits it and see what they can do to help out Coober Pedy as a key tourism destination," he said.
"It's one of the key attractions to South Australia and we just can't afford to lose any areas or any businesses in tourism, whether it's Coober Pedy or anywhere else in South Australia, it's all an integral part of it.
"So I'm throwing my support behind Coober Pedy because they've got a particular issue at the moment."

New liquor laws add to the Coober Pedy welcome

SA Police News
Police believe alcohol fuelled violence has halved since new licensing conditions were imposed in Coober Pedy last September.

New liquor laws add to the Coober Pedy welcome
The conditions, imposed by the Liquor Licensing Commissioner as necessary for public order and safety, came into effect on 30 September 2013.
The conditions were developed in consultation with the Coober Pedy District Council, community residents, SA Police, representatives of the Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement, SA Health providers and licensees from the Coober Pedy Region.
Superintendent Peter Anderson, officer in charge of the Far North Local Service Area, says the results show a significant reduction in alcohol related crime.
"We've seen excellent results provided in the feedback from Umoona Council, who report a much safer and quieter community."
"Local health counsellors have reported an ability to engage coherently, with the quality of interactions significantly improved.",br> "The average blood alcohol readings of health services clients have now dropped by about two thirds, with some people regularly attending with .000."
"We have also seen less aggression, with hospital emergency admissions for intoxication down by 50%."
"Council has also reported an overall decrease in public drunkenness and loitering and a cleaner town with less litter."
"Local police and officers from SA Police's Licensing Enforcement Branch will continue to monitor the impact of the new conditions on the community of the Coober Pedy region, but it's certainly a very positive and encouraging first few months."
The new take-away conditions specifically state:
•The licensee shall not sell or supply liquor for off-premises consumption to any person who resides at a ‘prescribed land’ identified as Umoona Community, Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, Ngaanyatjarra Lands and Tjuntjuntjura Lands in Western Australia, or the Northern Territory communities of Docker River/Kaltukutjara, Imanpa/Mt Ebenezer, Hermannsburg/Ntarja, Maryvale/Tijikala, Santa Teresa/Ltyentye Apurte and Finke/Aputula.
•The licensee shall not sell or supply liquor for off-premises consumption to any person if the licensee has reason to suspect the liquor may be taken to a ‘prescribed land’ as defined herein.
•The licensee shall not sell or supply liquor for off-premises consumption to any person who does not produce photographic identification.
•Photographic identification means a current driver’s licence, international passport, proof of age card issued by the Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure or equivalent in another Australian State or Territory.
•The licensee shall not sell or supply liquor for off-premises consumption other than between 11am - 8pm each day.
•The licensee shall not sell or supply liquor for off-premises consumption in a container commonly known as a cask.
•The licensee shall ensure that the sale or supply of wine, port wine, fortified wine or spirits for off premises consumption is limited to the maximum of 750 ml per person per day.

Police praise Coober Pedy takeaway grog bans

ABC News
Police say restrictions on takeaway alcohol sales in Coober Pedy have not shifted alcohol-related problems south to Port Augusta.
The restrictions include a ban on people from the APY Lands buying takeaway alcohol in the town.
Mayor Steve Baines says traditionally summer has been a peak period for alcohol-related antisocial behaviour by visitors to Coober Pedy.
"People get to Coober Pedy and start accessing alcohol and their funds dry up and they get stuck here," he said.
However, he says takeaway liquor restrictions introduced last year have made a remarkable difference in the town this summer.
"We're actually seeing some of the people that have been known in the past as being somewhat of troublemakers are now engaging with service providers," he said.
The officer in charge of the far north local service area, Superintendent Peter Anderson, says initial concerns the problem would shift to Port Augusta have not eventuated.
"I don't believe that the alcohol restrictions have forced people to come to Port Augusta to source alcohol, whether they're going to other places outside the state I suspect may be the case," he said.
"The level of alcohol-related crime in Coober Pedy has dropped markedly since the restrictions have been in place."
He says reports of domestic violence and the number of people taken to hospital have fallen.
The liquor licensing commissioner will review the restrictions in a month.

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