Monday 14 May 2012

Special Edition 8

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Satellite Subsidy Scheme closes 31 May 2012 

Applications for the Australian Government’s Satellite Subsidy Scheme will close in the following areas of South Australia on 31 May 2012. 

The subsidy is only available in areas that need satellite TV because a local TV tower is not being upgraded to digital. 

If you live in one of these areas, you should check your eligibility today to avoid missing out on the subsidy: 

Andamooka   Arkaroola   Bookabie   

Elliston   Fowlers Bay    Glendambo 

Hawker   Kimba   Kingscote 

Leigh Creek   Marion Bay   Marla 

Marree   Mintabie   Mount Hall   

Penong   Poochera   Rawnsley Park Station 

Streaky Bay   William Creek   Wirrulla 

Wudinna   Yunta 

The Satellite Subsidy Scheme subsidises eligible households’ installation of satellite TV equipment, including a high-­-definition Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) set-­-top box and satellite dish. 

The VAST service provides all 16 free-to-air digital channels from the ABC, SBS and commercial broadcasters, plus a dedicated regional news channel. 

Eligible households make a one-off contribution of $220 for the installation. 

There are no ongoing fees or charges to access the VAST service. 

If you are receiving the full rate of the age pension, disability support pension, carer payment, Department of Veterans’ Affairs Service Pension or Department of Veterans’ Affairs Income Support Supplement, you may be eligible for VAST installation free of charge under the Government’s Household Assistance Scheme (HAS). 

If you are eligible you should have received a letter from Centrelink, but you can call 1800 556 443 if you have not received a letter but think you may be eligible. 

For more information, you can call the Digital Ready Information Line on 1800 20 10 13 (8am-­-10pm AEST 7 days) or visit the Digital Ready Website




ROUND3 12th May


Olympic Dam 27 goals 16 behinds 178 points defeated Coober Pedy 6goals 5 behinds 41 points

Best players for Olympic Dam: 1st R Kruger, 2nd R. Bennett, 3rd D. Summerton
Goal scorers S. Montgomerie 10 goals D. Summerton 7 goals, R. Bennett 4 goals,

S. Hissey 3 goals, B. Whittaker 2 goals, D. Moyse 1 goal

Best player for CP 1st K. Aitken 2nd  A. Dingaman 3rd D. Dodd, 4th  D. Warren
Goal scorers L. Boland 3 goals, D. Warren 2 goals, A. Dingaman 1 goal

Hornridge 9 goals 7 behinds 61 points defeated Roxby Districts 7 goals 7 behinds 49 points

Best players for Hornridge 1st C. Jurek, 2nd B. CCasey 3rd  N. Thomas 4th B. Cooper,5th L. Munro
Goal scorers J. Harman 4 goals T. Grosser 3 goals, J Dawson 2 goals

Best players for Roxby Districts 1st  J. Malcolm ,2nd  J. Watson 3rd  C. Hall, 4th  S. Crafter-King,  5th J. Danis

Goal scorers B. Whales 2 goals, C. Hall J. Malcolm J. Danis  C. Kenny  C. Gibson 1 goal each

ROUND 3 11th/12th May 12



Suns 7 goals 5 behinds 47 points defeated Bulldogs 3 goals 18 points


Best players for Suns 1st B DÄrrigo 2nd R Holder 3rd B French 4th M Lowe C Blieschke

Goal scorers B French 3 goals C Blieschke 2 goals R Holder B DÁrrigo 1 goal each


Best players for Bulldogs 1st B Cooper 2nd C Seery 3rd L Johnson 4th L Elliot 5th B Honner

Goal scorers L Johnson C MacGowen t Spartalis 1 goal each


Giants 7 goals 5 behinds 47 points defeated Hawks 5 goals 2 behinds 32 points


Best players for Giants 1st L Lloys 2nd H Paull 3rd R Dowd 4th J Dalgleish 5th K Weston

Goal scorers J Dalgleish 3 goals M Lynch M Lamb H Paull K Weston 1 goal each


Best players for Hawks 1st J Gotch 2nd B Humer 3rd L Elliot 4th C Seery 5th B Chamberlan

Goal scorers B Cooper L Elliot 1 goal each



Suns 12 goals 7 behinds 79 points defeated Bulldogs 9 goals 3 behinds 58 points


Best players for Suns 1st M Hayball 2nd E Taylor 3rd S Bacon 4th C Taylor 5th M Alves

Goal scorers M Hayball 3 goals J McCarthy J Priest S Bacon J Young 2 goals each

B French 1 goal


Best players for Bulldogs 1st R Weetra 2nd J Christall 3rd L Hancock 4th J Anderson

5th J Zeptner

Goal scorers not available


Giants 14 goals 9 behinds 93 points defeated Hawks 12 goals 5 behinds 77 points


Best players for Giants 1st D Kenny 2nd D Lloyd 3rd B Evans 4th M Steer 5th Angus Harrison

Goal scorers D Kenny J Emmerson Sellar M Steer J Male 2 goals each B Evans D Lloyd

J Dalgleish L Elliot A Harrison B Davis 1 goal each


Best players for Hawks 1st S Kerrish 2nd J Mason 3rd J Secker 4th B Gambell 5th J Pillar

Goal scorers B Gambell M Hanson S Kerrish B Daddow 2 goals each C Fenwick M Ryan A Ryan

J Mason 1 goal each