Friday 25 May 2012

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Settlement reached over Facebook 'hate' page

Updated May 24, 2012 13:46:05


The former principal of the Coober Pedy Area School has reached an out-of-court settlement after suing a former student and a parent of a former student.

Sue Burtenshaw claimed she was defamed on a Facebook hate page by the parents of two Coober Pedy students and a former student of Gepps Cross Girls High School, where she was previously principal.

She said the comments damaged her reputation and caused her humiliation.

Her lawyer told the Adelaide Magistrates Court the claim against the former student had been discontinued after a settlement had been reached.

He said the claim against one of the parents had also been settled with the promise of an apology and a cash payment in the next two months.

The court was told settlement negotiations would occur with the remaining parent before another court hearing in July.

Ms Burtenshaw was suspended by the Education Department while principal of the Coober Pedy Area School after complaints were made about her management style and her dealings with students and parents.

She took that decision to the Teachers Appeal Board which ruled a reprimand was warranted because she had committed three acts of improper conduct.

But the board concluded that a decision to permanently transfer her away from the school was unjust and unreasonable.



Tiny town traded for Lake Eyre

·                                 Bryan Littley

·                                 May 21, 2012 11:00PM



IT is the biggest land trade of modern times. A little Outback town for 71,000sq km of desert country.

At 11.30am today, a hearing of the Federal Court of Australia, at Finniss Springs Station near Lake Eyre, will officially award the Arabana People the entire lake and the areas between Oodnadatta, Coober Pedy and Marree, under a native title claim.

Under the consent order of the Federal Court, the native title claim over the township of Marree, population 70, will be lifted to complete the swap, which has been 14 years in the making.

The chairman of the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation, Aaron Stuart, said the significance of today's Federal Court hearing could not be underestimated and Lake Eyre and the land surrounding it was being returned to the care of its rightful owners.  

"Lake Eyre is a sacred and significant place to all Arabana people," he said.

"We care for that land and the lake and we want to see the land protected. This does not mean that we object to tourists ... we are happy to share our country."

The invitation to share Lake Eyre, however, is not extended to boat users who have sailed on the lake during rare times of flood. And the native title claim also gives the Arabana people negotiating powers with mining giants for facilities, services and royalties.

"We are happy for people to come and enjoy this land and the lake, swim in it and see its beauty, but we do not want boats on the lake," Mr Stuart said. "We want the site protected and we want the whole of the lake protected ... we also worry about safety with boats."

Mr Stuart said the Arabana people got back Finniss Springs Station, once a mission site, and a long-term pastoral lease on the property which would be central to plans to establish tourism operations and a community.

They have also been given eight blocks in Marree, which will become Crown land.

Marree Hotel publican Phil Turner said: "Historically, the recognition of the native title is incredibly significant and is a point in history.

"I think if there's any concern it's that there's a general lack of understanding among all people about what it all means," he said.

Mr Stuart said ceremonies such as today's, expected to be attended by up to 300 people, were a great step in the process of reconciliation.


By Kathy Marks

Members of the Lake Eyre Yacht Club, who try to sail on the lake on the rare occasions when it fills with water, were banned from the waterway last year by national parks authorities, who refused to grant them boating permits because of the Arabana's opposition, they vowed yesterday to flout further attempts to keep them off the lake.

The club's commodore, Bob Backway, said the group had a common law right to sail on Lake Eyre, and he condemned yesterday's announcement as "a great travesty of the native title system". Already fined A$345 ($447) by South Australia's Environment Department for sailing without a permit, he has refused to pay the fine. "I told them I was prepared to go to jail over it," he said.

Native title was granted following mediation between the claimants and other affected parties, including the state government. As well as the lake, it covers the land between the outback towns of Oodnadatta, Coober Pedy and Marree, including Anna Creek station, which covers 24,000 square kilometres of scrub country.

The Arabana agreed to give up their claim to the town of Marree itself, which has a population of 70.

Stuart says Lake Eyre is "like Uluru" to his people who believe that their ancestral spirit, Warrina, lives in the lake and is disturbed by boats.




 An historic blower used for opal mining in Coober Pedy in South Australia

has been donated to the National Road Transport Hall of Fame in Alice


  The blower, valued at more than $5500, was donated by South Australian

multi-tourism award winner and Desert Knowledge Australia Outback Business

Networks member, Trevor Berry, of the Old Timers Mine in Coober Pedy.

  The Coober Pedy blower will be officially handed over on Tuesday 29 May by

Mr Berry, who is travelling up to Alice Springs for the celebration.

  The National Road Transport Hall of Fame, together with Outback Business

Networks, is putting on an outback-style morning tea with damper, billy tea

and muffins, to celebrate the event.

  Mr Berry said the blower, which is mounted on the back of a Bedford truck,

works by sucking out mining debris from mine shafts underground and

bringing it to the surface where it is blown out of the machine. The

resulting piles of rock and dust create the distinctive mullock heaps

surrounding Cooper Pedy that give the area its  lunar-like landscape.

  Mr Berry said the donation was an excellent example of collaborative

tourism, as the Old Timers Mine and Road Transport Hall of Fame will be

promoting each other through the display that will be set up around the

blower. There is also a National Road Transport Hall of Fame display at the

Old Timers Mine.

  “It showcases this amazing machinery and also gives us a wonderful

opportunity for two excellent tourist attractions to demonstrate what cross

border tourism should be about and how positive partnerships can be

formed,” he said.

  Mr Berry said he had long been a fan of collaborative approaches to cross

border tourism and for this reason had been an enthusiastic member of

Outback Business Networks since 2009.

  He participated in the Outback Business Networks Tourism Exchange in Alice

Springs in 2010 where he first began talking with Liz Martin of the

National Road Transport Hall of Fame.

  Since then the Old Timers Mine and the National Road Transport Hall of Fame

have worked together to promote each other.

  The morning tea will be held at 10.30am at the National Road Transport Hall

of Fame, Stuart Highway, Alice Springs next Tuesday 29 May. Everyone is

welcome to attend. Old Timers Mine is also donating a Sterling Silver Inlay

Pendant valued at $100, for a raffle draw of business cards from people

attending the morning tea celebration.



ROUND 4 19th May


Hornridge 15 goals 14 behinds 104 points defeated Andamooka 8 goals 6 behinds 54 points

Best for Hornridge: 1st T. Grosser, 2nd S. Huddlestone, 3rd N. Thomas, 4th B. Cooper

5th A. Robinson

Goal scorers C. Jurek J. Harman, N. Thomas B. Kelly 3 goals each, J. Martin, A. Robinson
T. Grosser 1 goal each

Best for Andamooka 1st T. Mulders, 2nd R. Sporton, 3rd B. Harris, 4th M. Tuohy, 5th D. Reid

Goal scorers T. Mulders J. Brind  T. Dundo  C. Patterson  A. Schiller D. Reid  M. Tuohy 1 goal each

Roxby Districts 11 goals 15 behinds 81 points defeated Olympic Dam 8 goals.3behinds 51 points

Best players for Roxby 1st J. Mandemaker 2nd  J. Malcolm 3rd  J. Watson 4th  J. Penny 5thJ.Chislett

Goal scorers D. Hargraves 3 goals J. Watson 2 goals C. Hall R. Prosser J. Sarai  J. Mandemaker
J. Kenny  B. Whales 1 goal each

Best players for Olympic Dam 1st N. Gregor 2nd  T. Hornhardt 3rd D. McKenna, 4th R. McInerney, 5th D. Summerton

Goal scorers S. Montgomerie D. Moyse D. Summerton 2 goals each, J. Oliver R. Bennett 1 goal each

ROUND 4 18th/19th May 12



Giants 5 goals 7 behinds 37 points defeated Suns 4 goals 6 points 30 points


Best players for Giants 1st J Smith 2nd D Demarchi 3rd M Sexton 4th A Fraser 5th H Paull

Goal scorers D Demarchi 4 goals J Dalgleish 1 goal


Best players for Suns 1st B DÄrrigo 2nd R Holder 3rd B French 4th C Blieschke 5th M Lowe

Goal scorers B French 2 goals C Blieschke D Gates1 goal each


Hawks 4 goals 3 behinds 27 points defeated Bulldogs 2 points


Best players for Hawks 1st B Caden 2nd L Young 3rd B Daddow 4th S Nhamussa 5th T Turner

Goal scorers B Cooper T Turner S Thompson T Harrison C Woolford 1 goal each


Best players for Bulldogs 1st B Chamberlain 2nd S Crilly 3rd C Seery 4th L Elliot 5th K Kendall




Giants 9 goals 10 behinds 64 points defeated Suns 9 goals 8 behinds 62 points


Best players for Giants 1st D Kenny 2nd J Emmerson Sellars 3rd J Male 4th Ryan 5th M Lynch

Goal scorers M Lynch J Dalgleish Ryan J Male 2 goals each D Kenny 1 goal



Best players for Suns 1st B Gamdell 2nd J Brind 3rd L Hobbs 4th J Priest 5th T Whitloch

Goal scorers J Brind 5 goals S Bacon L Weston J McCarthy L Johnson 1 goal each


Bulldogs 10 goals 12 behinds 72 points defeated Hawks 4 goals 4 behinds 28 points


Best players for Bulldogs 1st D Moss 2nd L Rawlins 3rd L Holder 4th N Wyatt 5th E Zeptner

Goal scorers L Rawlins 3 goals L Holder D Moss E Zeptner 2 goals each R Weetra 1 goal


Best players for Hawks 1st J Pillar 2nd B Caden 3rd S Kerrish 4th J Mason 5th J Secker

Goal scorers S Kerrish 2 goals J Mason M Harrison 1 goal each