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Monday 27 October 2014

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Successful Regional Awards in Roxby

From http://www.roxbydownssun.com.au/

By Jack McGuire

The winners of the 2014 South Australian Regional Awards for the Far North region were announced at a gala presentation evening last Wednesday at the Roxby Leisure Centre.
Of the 14 regional winners local achievers were rewarded for their efforts.
A number of Coober Pedy residents were also recognised finalists and winners on the night

HEALTH AWARD: Gai Di Donna from Coober Pedy Community Health accepted the health award presented by Work Cover SA representative Mike Alvis.

EDUCATION AWARD: Coober Pedy Area School principal John Sutton was awarded the education award. The award was presented by Flinders University representative Gill Troup.

HALL OF FAME: After taking home the 2009 tourism award, the 2013 sustainability award and the 2014 tourism award, BIG4 Stuart Range Outback Resort was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Pictured receiving the award was Raelene Jones presented by Farmers Union Iced Coffee representative Mark Eckert.

How should we vote in the local council elections?

from Mrs Roslyn Phillips, BSc DipEd, National Research Officer Family Voice Australia

Voting in local government elections starts this week! You should soon receive ballot papers in your letter box, inviting you to vote for mayor and councillors in one of South Australia’s 68 council areas.
But if MP Steph Key achieves her latest plan to “reform” the sex industry, the successful candidates may face issues more complex than roads, rates and rubbish.
Last week Steph Key introduced her third attempt to repeal almost all laws controlling the sex trade in South Australia. Her Statutes Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work) Bill 2014 would enable brothels to operate anywhere, subject only to council by-laws. There would be no controls on brothels run as small "home businesses" in residential areas. The bill would also allow street sex workers to operate wherever they wished.
If this bill passes, you could no longer call police to deal with a small home brothel next door where drunken customers are coming and going at all hours. That brothel would be perfectly legal. Councils would have the unenviable job of dealing with all the problems associated with the prostitution trade. NSW and NZ councils operate under this type of law and they cannot cope.
We have contacted all candidates for mayor and councillors in Marion, Tea Tree Gully, Victor Harbor and Port Adelaide/Enfield, asking if they would support a motion urging State MPs to reject any legislation to decriminalise the sex trade.
We also asked if they would support a motion to enforce a regulation prohibiting shops that sell sex toys (like Honey Birdette) from operating in shopping areas frequented by families.
The good news is that so far, 61 of the 139 candidates have responded, with the majority answering “Yes, definitely” to both questions. Those who have chosen not to reply are likely to be less supportive.
If you live in another council area, feel free to contact the candidates in your ward and ask them the same two questions before you mark your ballot paper.

What do you love about your place? – kids’ competition launched

Children and teenagers from ages five to 17 are invited to share what it is they love about South Australia’s outback – and the most creative submission will score an iPad. The competition is part of the SA Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board’s broader campaign ‘It’s your place’ which was launched in July to encourage community to share what makes the region such a special place.
It is one of the first steps the Board is taking to work with the community to develop its new Regional NRM Plan which will set the region’s priorities for the next 10 years.
Presiding Member of the SAAL NRM Board Janet Brook said the aim of the kids’ competition is to connect with children of all ages who have a relationship with the region.
“It is important for the Board to engage with all facets of the community, and this competition provides a unique way to hear from our future leaders,’ she said.
‘In 10 years a lot of these students will be in their 20s and many will be working in various industries – by connecting with them now the Board hopes to get them thinking about natural resources management and what they value in the region.
‘We would like them to think about what they do on weekends or on holidays – do they go to the Flinders Ranges to go rock-climbing, perhaps they fish at Algebuckina Waterhole or go camping with their family in the Gawler Ranges.’
‘It might be their local footy club or a recent school trip they loved, or maybe they’re more into the sights and sounds or plants and animals of our unique part of the world – whatever it is we want to know.’
And the competition’s not just for outback kids.
‘It’s not just residents who live in our region,’ said Ms Brook. ‘Many people holiday here and we recognise the outback and its many experiences hold a special place for visiting kids too.’
Creative competition entries are encouraged: ‘We’d love to hear what our kids think the region will look like in 20 years – maybe we’ll be visited by aliens? Or perhaps we’ll be grappling with the effects of climate change. Kids can even tell us what they’d like it to look like in 20 years – maybe it will be one giant wildlife sanctuary full of special plants and animals.
‘There’s so much we can do with technology now to showcase the special things about the region – our outback characters, our extraordinary plants and animals, our salt lakes and waterholes – but we love the written word too,’ she said.
‘We'll accept anything – a story, a poem, a photo, a video – anything goes – just as long as it showcases South Australia’s outback region and what makes it special to them.
There are three age categories – 5-8, 9-12, 13-17 – with the winner of each category winning a 16GB iPad; there are also prizes for the seven runners up.
The competition is now open and runs until November 30. Winners will be announced on the Natural Resources SA Arid Lands website www.naturalresources.sa.gov.au/aridlands on 19 December.
The rest of the community are encouraged to continue sharing their values with the Board – visit www.naturalresources.sa.gov.au/aridlands to find out how.


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