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Monday 11 May 2015

Special Edition 135

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Agate type Opal Australia Seek Recognition of the World ...

As translated by Google from Indonesian, from Kompas.com

Once upon a time 100 years ago, a teenager named Willie Hutchinson inadvertently discovered a
few chunks of agate type of opal while walking in the area of inland southern Australia.

With his father, Hutchinson originally wanted to find a gold mine. However, the findings of
the stone opal mining open mass passion that led to the establishment of Coober Pedy, a town as far as 846 kilometers north of Adelaide.
Currently, Coober Pedy residents proudly call their place as 'opal capital of the world'.
Understandably, the contribution of Australian opal touted reached more than 80 percent of thebr>
worldwide production of opal.
Coober Pedy opal is unique. The color is white sheen, there is even a colorful like a rainbow, making
the production of stone town received the title 'National Precious Stones'.
However, residents 'land of kangaroos' is not satisfied with the predicate. They want the Coober Pedy
opal is recognized worldwide as a World Heritage Stone Source (GHSR, Global Heritage Stone Resource)
Status was created a group of geologists who intend to categorize and define certain stones in the
world that has a special significance in human culture.
With such status, professions such as architects and nurses of old buildings will be helped because
they can use the material already known strengths and characteristics.
The rock samples are being studied for feasibility for GHSR status is Portland stone, building
stone mined specialized in Dorset in the south coast of England. Others are marble originating from
the region of Tuscany in Italy.


In the case of opals from Coober Pedy, some experts say the stones are too many 'processed' and
unnatural. Furthermore, opals from the city has a variety of forms and colors that are very difficult to
place in a very specific category.
On the other hand, geologists of Australia dismissed the criticism. One of them is Barry Cooper, who
served as secretary of the Working Group Batu Heritage of the International Union of Geological
br> "Where are the limits (too many processed stone and are not)? I would argue precisely and sapphire gem
stones such as too much gets processed. However, not only the stones like opal can be stone jewelry, but
also the art of mosaics and sculptures. That's what makes opals have a deeper cultural significance, "said Cooper.< Cooper then refers to the natural processes that create distinctiveness in opals from Coober Pedy. Unlike other
opals in the world, opals from Coober Pedy Fromanga formed when the ocean, which covers the central part of
Australia 100 million years ago, began to dry up.
Drying it causes high levels of acid liquid hardens into precious stones rich in minerals. The formation process is
different when compared with opals in other regions of the world created by the impact of the presence of the volcano.

Hang up on Tax Office scammers!

SA Police News,04 May 2015

Police in Adelaide and regional South Australia have received numerous reports of bogus callers claiming to
represent the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
A number of people have reported receiving scam calls from individuals posing as ATO employees attempting to
recover outstanding tax debts.
Callers have typically demanded about $3,000, and threatened to contact Police unless they received immediate payment.
In some cases, callers have provided personal information, sourced from publicly-available records.
The caller's number is not connected to the Australian Taxation Office.
Of the residents who have reported this scam to Police, no one has forwarded money to the callers; however,
all have claimed the callers to be threatening and demanding in their language. It's thought that people may be more susceptible to Tax Office scams as we approach the end of financial year.
Police are encouraging residents to spread the word, and discuss this scam with family and friends who may be
less technologically-savvy.
Don't forget, you can report suspected scams to SCAMwatch (the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)
If you have incurred a financial loss resulting from a scam, you can also report via The ACORN (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network)


The Teachers Registration Board will be in Coober Pedy to host a public forum for all teachers.

Registrar, Dr Peter Lind and staff will be presenting information on
professional learning and registration for teachers and we invite all interested
parties to come along and join the discussion.

When: Thursday 21 May
1.00pm - 3.00pm for Professional Leaders & Registered Teachers

Where: Coober Pedy Area School


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Tel: 8226 2666

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