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Monday 18 May 2015

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Outback fashion stakes on the rise for a good cause

• MAY 13, 2015

IT was fashion on the opal fields, outback style, for Coober Pedy resident Clair Halkias who
welcomed the reconnection of a key support system for the community, 800 kms north of Adelaide.

Strong SA community support and $150,000 in funds have helped St Vincent de Paul Society re-open its
pre-loved goods store and spiritual centre in town - after a 12-month construction break.
Three containers have been transformed into a retail shop that will stock donated goods from
Adelaide, Whyalla and Port Pirie.
It replaced a derelict shop with sparse supplies, supporting the town since 1991.

150,000 backpackers travelling through the region annually, would have more choice on a cheaper budget.
“Earlier you would see the same set of clothes recycled through the other two second-hand stores.
“Now with a bigger, better range from further afield, there’s more fashion to choose from.”
The store was launched on Monday with Governor Hieu Van Le, his wife Lan and a number of other
supporters from Adelaide and other regional areas in attendance.
Local Mayor Stephen Staines said it “was the biggest gathering of suits in town in a long time”.
Vinnies SA chief executive David Wark said it was important for the charity to reinvest in the
community to improve choices. “We decided that if were going to be true to our mission and badge, this is where we needed to be.”
There are two other commercial, second-hand stores at Coober Pedy that cater for the multicultural
population of around 2,000, mostly opal mining families, local council staff, hospitality workers and
the Aboriginal community of Umoona.
The reporter and photographer Bianca De Marchi travelled to Coober Pedy courtesy of
St Vincent de Paul Society.

The Dangers of 'Safe Schools'

Canberra Declaration

Something far more costly than the National Broadband Network with its 37 billion
dollar price tag is now being rolled out all across Australia. This is the Federal
Government's 'Safe Schools Program'.

The cost, however, is not money, but the religious freedom of parents and teachers
and the very future of marriage and family life in Australia. But not only that,
the program itself is dangerous for our children.
Safe Schools is a voluntary program that began in Victoria in 2010 as part of Gay
and Lesbian Health Victoria. In 2013, at the initiative of Senator Penny Wong, the
previous Labor government authorised Federal funding for the program.
Only a few days before the last Federal election, Bill Shorten, then Minister of
Education, promised 8 million dollars over four years to "stamp out bullying in
schools, which in particular, focused on homophobia".
Then there was a change of Government. But to the dismay of many Christians who
thought the Coalition stood for more traditional values, Safe Schools Coalition
Australia (SSCA) was launched in Melbourne on Friday 13 June 2014.
The allocation of 8 million dollars was to be used to roll out this program throughout
Australia under the Federal Department of Education, headed up by its Minister, the Hon Christopher Pyne.
The name 'Safe Schools' firstly is misleading as the program does not address the
main reasons that children are bullied by other children. As seen in the graph these
are body image, intelligence, racial or cultural background, language, gender (being
a boy or a girl), religion and economic status.
Instead 'Safe Schools' focuses on the bullying of a very small number of children
who are homosexual or transgender in behaviour. It then uses this as a platform
to impose the homosexual agenda on the whole school community.
The tragic irony is that there are cases already being reported where children who
decline to take part in activities associated with 'Safe Schools', or show uneasiness,
are ridiculed and bullied! And what about the job security of teachers who do not
agree with 'Safe Schools'?
'Safe Schools' claims to ensure that "gender and sexual diversity are supported
and celebrated in all areas of the school community". Therefore it is not just an
attempt to accept and help children who are struggling with homosexual or transgender
feelings. It's real aim is to normalise and even 'celebrate' homosexual and transgender
behaviour in the minds of our children.
This only aggravates the problem of gender confusion which some children experience
as they grow up. Authoritative studies indicate that, between the ages of 16 and
26, some 80 percent of same-sex attracted boys and girls become opposite-sex attracted.
'Safe Schools' is a radical divergence of the social norms of Australian society.
Schools who join the Safe Schools Coalition will be asked to do the following:
* stop dividing students into boys' and girls' groups.
* allow children with transgender feelings to use the uniform, toilets and change
rooms for the sex of their choice and to play on sporting teams of their preferred sex.
* libraries will be searched to eliminate books with 'heterosexual normative' assumptions.
* prominent posters will display same-sex relationships, transgenderism, bisexuality and
Newly-elected Premier Daniel Andrews wants to make 'Safe Schools' mandatory for
all Victorian Government secondary schools.
'Safe Schools' is therefore a forced indoctrination of our children from kindergarten
to high school. It violates the religious freedom of parents (and grandparents)
to teach God's standards for sexual behaviour to children. And if all children
are indoctrinated to celebrate, and see as normal, homosexual and transgender
relationships and behaviour, how long can true marriage and family life, as God
ordained, survive in Australia?
'Safe Schools' is an attempt to normalise homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle.
Homosexuality, like adultery and sex before marriage, is clearly prohibited in the
Bible and listed as one of many acts of sexual immorality. Sexual immorality always
has consequences which the Safe Schools Coalition Program does not fully take into account.

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