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Monday 25 May 2015

Special Edition 137

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No More Lake Phillipson Sand for Coober Pedy

For more than 30 years, sand from the Lake Phillipson area has beem used for all major construction
projects in Coober Pedy and surrounding areas.

But, according to a note in the District Council of Coober Pedy Works Department Report presented at
the Council's May Ordinary Meeting,
"Council is in receipt of a letter from the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation
stating that Mr A McCormack’s application is declined and therefore Lake Phillipson cannot no
longer have sand extracted from it."

Letter to the Editor

What's in a name?

Should schizophrenia be renamed to help reduce the stigma that surrounds people with the illness? The suggestion continues to spark debate.

There is no question that people living with schizophrenia are still stigmatised. We know that people diagnosed as having schizophrenia die up to 20 years earlier than
others in the community and a few years ago schizophrenia was declared the
'abandoned illness' by the Schizophrenia Commission in the UK. Now new research, the
largest study to explore renaming the illness, has again highlighted the
complexities of damaging stigma associated with diagnoses, particularly
schizophrenia. After surveying more than 1600 people, researchers in the UK conclude
that '..any decisions to rename should be made with caution. 'However', they add,
'…a decision not to rename may overlook an important opportunity to tackle damaging stereotypes…'
In Japan, after they changed the name, psychiatrists were almost twice as likely to
tell their patients about their diagnosis. Furthermore, 86 per cent of
psychiatrists said it was also easier to talk to their families and discuss the treatments available.
Award winning Australian poet and author, Sandy Jeffs has lived with schizophrenia
for thirty-eight years. She says, somewhat despairingly, that even though mental
health is discussed more openly and other mental health conditions become more visible, schizophrenia has retreated further into the shadows. In a recent essay
shortlisted for the Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition, she says: 'One has to
be brave to say 'I have schizophrenia'.'
What's needed most is a change of attitude across the community. SANE Australia
recently called on the Federal government to put in place a five year national
stigma reduction campaign. During this year's Schizophrenia Awareness Week (17– 23
May), I again urge the government to support this initiative, so that we can build a
fair, decent and prosperous Australia in which we all have a place and contribution
to make.

Jack Heath

CEO SANE Australia


The South Australian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, Hon Kyam
Maher MLC should be aware that one of the principle protagonists of Antakarinja Matu-
Yankunytjatjara Aboriginal Corporation (AMYAC), the “beneficiaries” of the cessation of sand extraction from the Lake Phililipson area, is a Mr Matthew Coe.
Mr Coe has made the statement that he has no respect for the sovereignty of the original
British settlement of Australia, and no respect for The Queen.
In declining to allow Mr A. McCormack’s application to continue extracting sand from Lake
Phillipson, the Minister has, knowingly or unknowingly, supported the aspirations of
Mr Coe, and in doing so, has supported a man who has stated that he has no respect for
The Queen, and thus he could be seen to be a man who is not living up to his office of
serving The Queen, in his capacity as a Member of Parliament.
Mr Coe has not lived in Coober Pedy for many years, and does not even live in South Australia.

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