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Monday 22 June 2015

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New organisation to focus on improved rural health outcomes

Improved health outcomes for rural communities across South Australia will be the focus of
the State’s newest Health Network

The SA Rural Health Network will be formally established on July 1st following the successful
tender by Country North SA Medicare Local (CNSAML).
Health Networks are being established by the Federal Government to replace the existing Medicare
Locals with the stated objectives of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of medical services for
patients and improving coordination of care to ensure patients get the right care in the right place at
the right time.
“This announcement is very exciting because we have the opportunity to make a real difference to
the health outcomes of people across country South Australia,” CNSAML Board Chair Dr Alison Edwards said.
“We were selected not just for our track record, but also for the plans we put forward to make the
health system more effective and easier to navigate for patients – particularly those facing the
tyranny of distance.
“People in rural and country South Australia deserve an organisation that is committed to their
health and we are delighted to have been chosen to form the new SA Rural Health Network.
” The new SA Rural Health Network will cover all areas of South Australia outside of
metropolitan Adelaide, which will be served by the Adelaide PHN announced in April.
The SA Rural Health Network will replace both the Country North and Country South SA Medicare Locals and
a seamless transition is now being planned for all the communities, clients and providers who have
been successfully working with Country South SA Medicare Local.
SA Rural Health Network is part of the Federal Government’s new Primary Health Network.
For more information, http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/primary_Health_Networks.

Watch out for investment scams, police warn

Police are reminding the community to watch out for investment scams and attempted frauds after
a recent letter published in a newspaper advice column attracted the attention of officers from the
SA Police Major Fraud Section as it had all the hallmarks of this classic scam.

The letter's author noted that they had put money "in an American investment Since then we have
received some statements showing our money is growing … however we feel that we may have been scammed."
As noted by SCAMwatch, investment scams can come in many forms - from an unexpected phone call offering an
investment opportunity to an email encouraging you to buy shares that are about to go up based on
'secret' information. You could be offered early access to your super, gambling software or promised
large tax deductions or refunds.
Top tips:
• If you are approached by somebody out of the blue who offers you an investment opportunity, say
'No' and hang up the phone or delete the email.
• Do not rely on advice from the person trying to sell you the investment. Always seek independent
financial and/or legal advice before making any investment decision.
• Be cautious about investment opportunities that offer lucrative returns through tax breaks. Visit
the Australian Tax Office website for more information on dodgy tax schemes.
In the recent Adelaide case, police made contact with the letter writer and a report is being taken for
For information about scams and steps to protect yourself from such scammers please check out SCAMwatch:

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