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Coober Pedy Tafe Campus "practically empty"


ADELAIDE:An expansive Coober Pedy campus of TAFE has only three employees, raising questions about the
Weatherill Government’s plan to shift the bulk of skills training subsidies into the public sector

Labor’s push to replace its failed Skills For All program with WorkReady, which favours TAFE over private
providers, has prompted claims private training firms could go to the wall, with regional SA likely to
suffer most acutely.
InDaily has confirmed the regional centre of Coober Pedy’s campus, which was considered state of the
art only a decade ago, is practically empty, with the local council concerned for its future viability.
Last year, the Coober Pedy council resolved to make the campus issue a Key Strategic Priority, noting it
was a “great” but “under-utilised” facility that was “fast becoming a ‘white elephant’”.
“There is a long list of interested people looking to do courses, however there has been very little
action on providing any actual training and courses to the residents,” the council website states.
“This does little to enhance employment and skill development within this remote and isolated community.”
The campus used to offer classes in cutting and polishing opal, but according to the council minutes “that
facility was withdrawn some years ago to a campus located within metro Adelaide, which has also ceased doing
that course”.
Mayor Stephen Staines told InDaily the facility was in “very good condition”, but “hasn’t been (properly)
utilised for a long time”.
He said he wasn’t sure if the three staff were full or part time, and was unconvinced the training model
“worked too well”.
“Certainly not in Coober Pedy, it didn’t,” he said.
“The problem, especially in regional areas, is the cost of delivering the services…with lecturers flown
in and provided accommodation.”
Minister for Employment, Higher Education and Skills Gail Gago was asked about the “operational status” of
the campus in parliament this month, including the number of staff, but refused to answer, arguing: “They
are all day-to-day operational matters.”
“TAFE SA is an independent statutory corporation, and the board is responsible for its day-to-day
operations,” she said.
“They are all detailed issues, and I invite the honourable member to write to or contact the chair of
the board or the chief executive officer; they would have all of that detailed information at their
However, when InDaily asked a series of questions to TAFE about the campus, the following response was
provided by email: “TAFE SA offers a wide range of learning options across its network including
courses offered by online, face-to-face and through blended training.
“Flexible training means TAFE SA can offer additional courses as required, subject to local demand.”
In response to repeated specific queries, a subsequent response was sent: “There are currently three
staff and access to an online network of lecturers across the state at the TAFE SA Coober Pedy Campus.”
Last week’s state budget outlines the magnitude of cuts to the Government’s skills training sector, with
$43.7 million spent in 2013-14 for “a higher number of targeted voluntary separation packages” than
anticipated, and a further $3.2 million expected in the current year.
The Opposition has obtained Treasury figures suggesting the number of full-time TAFE employees is
expected to shrink from 2319 this year to 1799 in 2017-18.
Liberal spokesman David Pisoni said today the Government was budgeting for a further 115 job losses in
TAFE next year.
“The Weatherill Government created a jobs boom in the training sector and is now delivering a jobs
bust in the same sector,” he said.
“With South Australia now suffering an unemployment rate of 7.6 per cent, the highest in Australia, the
Weatherill Government’s budget mismanagement is set to add thousands more to the dole queues…
The debacle in the training sector is a powerful illustration of how poorly the Weatherill Government
plans for the future.”

US Supreme Court marriage decision is judicial tyranny

FamilyVoice Australia

“The US Supreme Court decision to impose same-sex ‘marriage’ on all 50 states is a case of judicial tyranny,” FamilyVoice
National Director Dr David Phillips said this week.

“A mere five justices of the Supreme Court used their personal opinions to overturn the votes of
50 million Americans who opposed same-sex ‘marriage’ in referendums. Their excuse
was certain clauses in the US Bill of Rights.
“Chief Justice John Roberts noted in his dissenting judgement that the majority decision was
based on the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution – but the five judges who
supported it failed to provide even one sentence explaining how the Amendment
applied to redefining marriage.”
Dr Phillips said that Australians are fortunate in that we do not have a federal bill of rights.
“We should rejoice that the High Court of Australia has already decided that the meaning of
marriage is the responsibility of the Commonwealth Parliament, not a few unelected judges,” he said.
Chief Justice Roberts said in his dissenting judgment that the narrow 5:4 US Supreme Court ruling was
an “unprincipled approach”, which he likened to the infamous Dred Scott decision that ratified slavery on
the eve of the American Civil War.
Chief Justice Roberts also said:
“This universal definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman is no historical coincidence.
“Marriage did not come about as a result of a political movement, discovery, disease, war, religious
doctrine, or any other moving force of world history — and certainly not as a result of a
prehistoric decision to exclude gays and lesbians,” he said. “It arose in the nature of things to
meet a vital need: ensuring that children are conceived by a mother and father committed to
raising them in the stable conditions of a lifelong relationship.”
Dr Phillips said Australian federal MPs would do well to note the overwhelming 110:26 rejection of
same-sex ‘marriage’ by the Austrian parliament last week.
“We should remember that the vast majority of nations around the world still uphold the complementary
meaning marriage has had since the beginning of history,” he said.


“Sexual Orientation” We all know that language changes over time, and the meaning of a word changes over time: for example, the
saying "charity begins at home" derives from an early use of the word "charity" in the biblical "faith,
hope and charity." Modern editions of the Bible have "faith, hope and love."
'Charity' now means giving money to an organisation.
When language and word meanings change over time, it is as a result of common usage.
But when the a change in the meaning of a word comes about because a very vocal political minority
takes a word in common use and uses it in an entirely different way, that is a deliberate, contrived change of
the meaning of a word, and not a change by common usage over a long time.
For example, "gay." Once it meant the same as happy." Now, because of the nagging
interference into media of a minority political group, "gay" is now used in an entirely different
way: it means "homosexual."
The same minority political group has hijacked "equality" in "marriage equality" and nags and nags and nags
the media to twist the common meaning of 'marriage equality' from a reference to the biblical equality of
a man and a woman in marriage, to its own contrived use of a reference to its belief that homosexual people
should have an equal right to 'marry' that a man and a woman and a woman have. This is just like the case of the enemy in the world wars using propaganda in an effort to bring confusion
into the minds of the people in the allied countries. A good example of the propaganda of the political minority group is its twisting of the true meaning of
"sexual orientation."
The following is from the website https://agendaeurope.wordpress.com

("Yogyakarta Principals" were drawn up in 2006 in the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta - once known as
Jogjakarta - by a group of unelected, unrepresentative, self proclaimed
'international human rights experts.')

"The “Yogyakarta Principles” define “sexual orientation” as a capacity, namely a person’s “capacity for
profound emotional, affectional and sexual attraction to, and intimate and sexual relations with,”
other persons.
Discrimination on ground of “sexual orientation” would therefore relate to differences of capacity.
Upon closer examination, these grandiloquent words appear rather nonsensical to us.
In actual fact sexuality is by nature “oriented” towards procreation: this is not only the purpose for
which, but also the reason why, it exists.
Without sexuality being oriented towards procreation, the human race, and hence human sexuality itself,
would cease to exist. A healthy person’s sexuality must therefore be oriented towards procreation, and
hence towards a person of the other sex of appropriate age. A man cannot procreate without a woman, and a
woman not without a man. This “orientation” thus has to do with the natural purpose of sexually within
the process of Evolution. It has been so from the dawn of time, and will continue being so until
the end of history. It is a strictly “objective” fact and leaves no room for any subjective choices.
The “orientation” of male sexuality will therefore always be towards women, and the “orientation” of
female sexuality towards men.
A quite different matter is the fact that persons experience feelings ofemotional, affectional and
sexual attraction to other persons, including, in some cases, persons of their own sex. But there is
obviously a difference between emotional or affectional attraction on the one hand, and sexual attraction on
the other. It is not clear why they should both be put into the same basket bearing the label
“sexual orientation”. Everybody can feel emotions and affections for person of his or her own sex:
consider the love a mother can feel for her daughter, or the friendship that one boy can have for another.
Homosexuality and other sexual disorders are in fact not peculiar “sexual orientations”. In actual fact the
“orientation” of sexuality is objective and universal; it remains the same for all persons, at all times and
in all places. The problem for homosexuals is that they – probably through no choice of their
own – experience feelings of sexual attraction that stand in contradiction to the orientation of
their sexuality. It is this tension between subjective feelings and the objective orientation of
sexuality that makes homosexuality difficult to live with."

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