Wednesday 20 January 2016

Special Edition 163

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The mind games of the Australian Greens Party

The Press Release by the Australian Greens, reproduced below this Editorial, is hereby analysed in
the light of the legal situation in Australia, which is that marriage is between a man and a woman.

The first sentence:
To use the written expression “same-sex marriage” without the qualifying punctuation mark, “, before and
after the word marriage, is an offence to anyone other than a supporter of the Greens Party.
To say that a same-sex “marriage” performed overseas must be recognized by the Federal Government is an affront
to the freedom of anyone other than a supporter of the Greens Party.
On what basis can the word “must” be used? Is there an “or else” qualification?
Will anyone who does not
support the Greens Party be fined or imprisoned if they do not do so?
On what authority would such a punishment be administered?
Rather the cited sentence be changed to,
‘Same-sex “marriages” performed overseas should be recognized for what they are – an affront to anyone
other than a supporter of the Greens Party.’

The first paragraph:
“… a British man whose husband died …” – a man cannot have a husband.
Only a wife can have a husband; rather, “… a British man whose same-sex partner died”.

The second paragraph:
“… a grieving husband …” – the person referred to is not a husband, he is a same-sex
partner; rather, “… a grieving man whose same-sex partner …”.
“… The parliament must act and the Federal Minister must provide …”
Once again, why “must”?
Is it that the parliament and the Federal Minister are breaking the law by not upholding the opinions of
the Greens Party, and that the penalty for not agreeing with the opinion of the Greens Party will be applied by
some legal Australian entity?


Media release:
Australian Greens

Same-sex marriages performed overseas must be recognised
The Australian Greens have called on the Federal Government to recognise same-sex
marriages performed overseas following disturbing news that a British man whose
husband died in Adelaide over the weekend has been refused next-of-kin status.
"I was deeply distressed to read this report. It's appalling that a grieving husband
is being treated this way. It really is degrading and humiliating and an example of
the cruel nature of this element of Australian law. The parliament must act and the
Foreign Minister must provide all possible assistance to this man," the Greens
spokesperson on Marriage Equality, Senator Robert Simms, said.
"We currently have a situation where overseas same-sex marriages are recognised in
three states but not in others. We have to remedy this complex web of relationship
laws so that married couples receive the acknowledgement they deserve."
Senator Simms also plans to write to the Foreign Affairs Minister regarding the matter.
Media contact: Cambell Klose 0417 173 508
Cambell Klose
Media Advisor
Senator Robert Simms | Australian Greens Senator for South Australia
T (08) 8410 4588 M 0417 173 508 E
Level 3, 27 Leigh Street, Adelaide SA 5000
PO Box 8117, Station Arcade, Adelaide SA 5000

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