11 September 2017

Special Edition 177

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From http://family.org.au

Are the concerns expressed by 'NO' campaigners, like Mr Abbott and Mr Latham, valid?

The Australian Family Association has launched a new site that shows they are valid, and explains how with
brief (and extended) Q and A sections.
Launched in the wake of the High Court decision, TransgenderMarriageVote.com.au explains why there is a mismatch
between the postal survey question and the bills put forward in parliament.
"Attorney General George Brandis is wrong to claim the postal survey is only about
'allowing same sex couples to marry'. His own department has confirmed that non-binary gender
identities are included if marriage is redefined as the union of any 2 people," said Patrick Byrne, researcher
for the Australian Family Association.
"Our new site claims upfront that, 'It's really transgender marriage, no matter what the postal ballot says' and
then explains how this is possible," said Mr Byrne.
"What this means is schools would have to teach kids that your gender can be fluid, that marriage can be
gender-fluid, (e.g. Pangender married to Astralgender) and boys who identify more as a girl can use the
girls' facilities," said Mr Byrne.
See all the claims and references at www.TransgenderMarriageVote.com.au.

Which political parties or politicians support transgender (gender fluid) marriage?

From www.TransgenderMarriageVote.com.au.

In early 2017, the Federal Attorney General's Department said that marriage between "two people" would allow
marriage between "[s]ame-sex couples, and couples including people who are intersex or of a non-binary gender."
Hence, marriage between "two people" would encompass transgenders in marriage (transgender marriage), same-sex
marriage and opposite-sex (heterosexual) marriage. (See Department's submission 78 (pg. 2) to a Senate Inquiry)

The Australian Greens' policy is to "end to discrimination in marriage against same-sex attracted, gender diverse and
intersex people." To that end, "Marriage equality is an important step towards reducing discrimination faced by
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex Australians in same sex relationships, and their families."
The Greens have been the most persistent in attempting to redefine marriage. Greens members sponsored or cosponsored 11 bills to redefine marriage, variously coming from Adam Bandt, Sarah Hanson-Young (six bills),
Kerry Nettle and Michael Organ.

The Nick Xenophon team's policy has supported transgender marriage: "Remove all discrimination from the Marriage Act to
ensure that all people, regardless of their sex or gender identity, have the opportunity to marry."

Liberal Democrat, David Leyonhjelm, sponsored a transgender marriage bill in 2014.

One Nation policy is to let Australians decide the issue of marriage to "in a referendum, rather than a vote on the
floor of Parliament." If there is a parliamentary vote, its members/senators will have
"a conscience vote" on the issue.

The Labor Party appears to be conflicted on the issue of transgender marriage. On the one hand, the 2011 Labor
National Conference adopted a policy to "amend the Marriage Act to ensure equal access to marriage under statute for
all adult couples irrespective of sex who have a mutual commitment to a shared life."
The ALP public campaign has been for same-sex marriage.
On the other hand, Labor Party members of Federal parliament, including the leader of the Opposition,
Bill Shorten, have moved, or co-sponsored, four bills since 2015 in which marriage defined marriage as being
between "two people." In three of these bills, the Objects of the Bill is to be recognise marriage between
couples to marry "regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status."

For example, see here

Liberal and National Parties: Under Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the Liberal National Party Coalition government
changed its policy from support for opposite-sex, heterosexual marriage to holding a plebiscite of all
Australians to decide the definition of marriage. Under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the same policy has
been maintained.
However, two members of the Liberal Party, Warren Entsch and Teresa Gambaro, co-sponsored a 2015 cross-party
Bill for transgender marriage and six Liberal parliamentarians presented a transgender marriage bill to the
Coalition joint party room in August 2017 (Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017.)

Radical Taxpayer-funded Program Promoting Homosexuality and Gender Confusion to Children as Young as 11.

As reported in Coober Pedy News Special Edition no. 166, February 2016

There have been media reports last week about the controversial Safe Schools Coalition
Australia (SSCA) program.
It claims to be an "anti-bullying" program, but it is far from safe for all students.

Disturbingly, SSCA material (promoted in nearly 500 schools across Australia) teaches children:
      to imagine (at age 11) that they are 16 and going out with a person of
the same sex that they are "really into";
      to use toilets and change rooms based on the gender kids "feel" they are, regardless of their
actual biology;
      that asking whether a newborn baby is a boy or a girl reinforces a "heteronormative worldview";
      chest binding for girls who feel they are boys (despite potential injury);
      penis tucking for boys who feel they are girls (despite potential injury);
      to advocate for "same-sex marriage" (resulting in bullying of kids who support natural marriage).
It also provides misleading statistics, including the debunked claim that 10% of people
are same-sex attracted.
Our schools are meant to be places of safety and learning, not to promote dangerous, divisive and
age-inappropriate sexual content.
This program should be de-funded immediately.
In recent weeks, Jerome Appleby from the National Office of FamilyVoice Australia,
a Christian voice for family, faith and freedom, was able to present open letters against
the program, signed by more than 14,000 Australians, to then Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss.
FamilyVoice Australia wants to ensure the removal of this dangerous program from all state and
territory education systems.
You can help stop the Safe Schools program by contacting your local
state or territory MPs, via this website:
whereby you can send your message to all of them.

Don't Be Fooled: this is what the SAFE SCHOOLS program is REALLY about

Wrong even if it were made Law

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