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12 February 2018

Special Edition 182

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Australian Senate Passes Motion on Abortion Funding

Lesbian Senator Janet Rice (Australian Greens, Victoria) moved a Motion in the Senate on 7 February, calling on the Federal Government to over ride all Australian States and ensure the funding and provision of abortion services in every State.

Despite Senator McGRATH (Liberal, Qld) making the statement to the Chamber that, "Access to termination services is a state and territory responsibility, and the Australian government has no constitutional powers in this area", the President of the Senate, Senator Ryan, (Liberal, Victoria), put the Motion (No. 688), and the Senate divided, resulting in 28 Ayes and 25 Noes, meaning that the Motion was passed by a majority of three.

The Australian Hansard shows the following:
Reproductive Health Services
Senator RICE (Victoria) (15:51): I seek leave to amend the motion standing in my name and in the names of Senators Urquhart and Brown
for today relating to reproductive health services.
Leave granted.
Senator RICE: I, and also on behalf of Senators Urquhart and Brown, move the motion as amended in the terms circulated in the chamber:
That the Senate:
(a) notes that:
(i) access to affordable sexual and reproductive healthcare, including abortion and contraception, is part of every woman's right to control her own body,
(ii) recently, the primary provider of surgical abortions in Tasmania closed their clinic, and the Tasmanian Liberal Government ruled out providing
this essential service within the Tasmanian public health with women forced to travel interstate for treatment,
(iii) in January, Prime Minister Turnbull refused to comment on whether Tasmanian public hospitals should provide this essential health service,
instead leaving the matter for the Tasmanian Liberal Government, and
(iv) across Australia, inconsistent laws and service provision means access to abortion can be extremely difficult, and women face high
out-of-pocket costs; in particular, women in remote, rural and regional areas are often forced to travel long distances to urban clinics; and
(b) calls on the Government to:
(i) show leadership and work with states and territories to remove all barriers to Australians accessing abortion services, including
decriminalisation of abortion in New South Wales and Queensland, and provision of surgical abortion services in public hospitals across the country,
(ii) where state and territory health systems fail to provide abortion services, step in to ensure funding and provision of
essential reproductive health services for all Australians.
Senator McGRATH (Queensland, Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister) (15:51): I seek leave to make a short statement.
The PRESIDENT: Leave is granted for one minute.
Senator McGRATH: Access to termination services is a state and territory responsibility, and the Australian government has no constitutional powers in this area.
The PRESIDENT: The question is that motion No. 688, as amended, be agreed to.
The Senate divided. [15:56]
(The President, Senator Ryan)
Question agreed to.
Reproductive Health Services
Wednesday, 7 February 2018
Wednesday, 7 February 2018 THE SENATE 73

Date Wednesday, 7 February 2018 Source Senate

Page 73 Proof Yes
Questioner Responder
Speaker Question No.
[NaN.NaN pm]
Ayes. . . . . . . . . . 28
Noes. . . . . . . . . . 25
Majority. . . . . . . . . . 3
Bartlett, AJJ; Brown, CL; Cameron, DN; Carr, KJ; Di Natale, R; Dodson, P; Gallacher, AM; Hanson-Young, SC; Kitching, K; Leyonhjelm, DE;
Lines, S; Marshall, GM; McAllister, J; McCarthy, M; McKim, NJ; Moore, CM; Patrick, RL; Pratt, LC; Rhiannon, L; Rice, J; Siewert, R; Singh, LM;
Steele-John, J; Sterle, G; Urquhart, AE (teller); Watt, M; Whish-Wilson, PS; Wong, P.
Abetz, E; Anning, F; Bernardi, C; Birmingham, SJ; Brandis, GH; Brockman, S; Bushby, DC (teller); Canavan, MJ; Duniam, J; Gichuhi, LM;
Hume, J; Macdonald, ID; McGrath, J; McKenzie, B; Molan, AJ; O'Sullivan, B; Paterson, J; Payne, MA; Reynolds, L; Ruston, A; Ryan, SM;
Scullion, NG; Seselja, Z; Smith, D; Williams, JR;
Question agreed to.

Image from a Facebook member's page

Radical Taxpayer-funded Program Promoting Homosexuality and Gender Confusion to Children as Young as 11.

As reported in Coober Pedy News Special Edition no. 166, February 2016

There have been media reports last week about the controversial Safe Schools Coalition
Australia (SSCA) program.
It claims to be an "anti-bullying" program, but it is far from safe for all students.

Disturbingly, SSCA material (promoted in nearly 500 schools across Australia) teaches children:
      to imagine (at age 11) that they are 16 and going out with a person of
the same sex that they are "really into";
      to use toilets and change rooms based on the gender kids "feel" they are, regardless of their
actual biology;
      that asking whether a newborn baby is a boy or a girl reinforces a "heteronormative worldview";
      chest binding for girls who feel they are boys (despite potential injury);
      penis tucking for boys who feel they are girls (despite potential injury);
      to advocate for "same-sex marriage" (resulting in bullying of kids who support natural marriage).
It also provides misleading statistics, including the debunked claim that 10% of people
are same-sex attracted.
Our schools are meant to be places of safety and learning, not to promote dangerous, divisive and
age-inappropriate sexual content.
This program should be de-funded immediately.
In recent weeks, Jerome Appleby from the National Office of FamilyVoice Australia,
a Christian voice for family, faith and freedom, was able to present open letters against
the program, signed by more than 14,000 Australians, to then Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss.
FamilyVoice Australia wants to ensure the removal of this dangerous program from all state and
territory education systems.
You can help stop the Safe Schools program by contacting your local
state or territory MPs, via this website:
whereby you can send your message to all of them.

Don't Be Fooled: this is what the SAFE SCHOOLS program is REALLY about

Wrong even if it were made Law

The heading above is the English translation of the Italian words in the banner in the photo.
Now that same-sex "marriage" is legal in Australia, a statement such as "Wrong even if it were made law" is out of date.
So to make it current, it would have to read "Wrong even it it has been made Law", which in Italian would be:

"Sbagliato, anche se e stato fatto legge"

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