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Monday 28 April 2014

Special Edition 81

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Late News

SAINTS ON TOP WITH A BIG WIN From the President Ben Buller
With players traveling from Finke, Port Augusta & Oodnadatta, the saints got their first win in 2014, with an 84 point victory against the Roos of Andamooka at OZ oval. With such a big win and a percentage booster the Saints are sitting on top of the Far North Football League ladder after round 1. It is only the first round but this weekend against the 2nd placed Roxby Miners will be the test to really see just what kind of team we are this year. As I walked into the change rooms before the game started there was quietness amongst the players, possibly pre game nerves, “CARN YOU SAINTERS”, I shouted and brought us to life, we were ready, and we were pumped. The players formed a guard of honour for Darryl Doolan for his 50th game (certainly one for him to remember). Before the match officially started both teams and the umpires formed a line with Mr Raymond Boland in the Middle of it all, we lined up for the minute of silence to pay tribute to the men and women who fought for our country. Both teams shook Mr Boland’s hand as acknowledgement as he is the last remaining Indigenous Veteran from WWll. The siren sounded and it was game time, The Andamooka Roos started strong kicking the first goal of the game, I thought then we were in for a tough day, How wrong I was with the Saints kicking 9 goals up to half time with Kelvin Henry on fire up forward kicking 7 goals for the match, Mathew Lynch & ex Hawthorne Rookie player Amos Frank were unstoppable in the middle that continued feeding the forward line all day. With Andamooka only kicking 4 goals for the match Cleve Daniels (a first time Aussie rules player) & Mathew Sampson made it tough for the opposition to score all day, the raw strength of Corey Cullen/Edwards with his attack on the ball and the busting of packs out from the defensive half was a treat, all around the ground we were hard to beat it was just our day and the final score showed just that. When that final siren sounded the smiles came out and the fists were in the air and the way the Saints belted out our victory song just showed how much that win meant to us. Mathew Lynch won the Raymond Boland most courageous and best on ground Medallion on the day with Mr Boland receiving the match ball & a Saints Guernsey. Also a very big Saints thumbs up to the volunteers who filled in all the gaps on game day, without your support the day just would not be possible. Each year when the Saints and the Roos battle out the first game against each other we play for the Opal Trophy, this year it is where it belongs, GO YOU SAINTERS.
Mark Bell's countdown to be the first player to reach 100 games for the Saints = 3 games to go (history in the making)
The next home match is on the 9th of May at 1pm vs. Hornridge.
The Junior Saints vs. Oodnadatta is at 11:00.
Gates open at 11am $5 entry U/16 free. Food, beverage & alcohol are available.
Come and support your local Saints.
COOBER PEDY 18.12.120.BEST ON GROUND 1ST K. Henry 2nd M. Lynch 3rd A. Frank, 4th M. Grava 5th C. Daniels.
GOAL SCORERS K Henry 7, Rodney Lambert 3, Amos Frank 2, Dylan Warren 2, Lester Churchill 2, Mathew Lynch 1, Kenneth Hayes 1

Coober Pedy council says no to homeless facility

Coober Pedy's council will formally oppose the establishment of a transitional housing facility in the town, after a meeting with electors.
Last week, 129 people voted against the proposal, with only eight supporting the idea.
Mayor Steve Baines says the main cause of concern resulted from a lack of information from the South Australian Government.
He says local MP Eddie Hughes has helped arrange a ministerial visit to try and get answers to questions surrounding the project.
"Such questions as where will it be built? When will it be built? What will it look like? Who will manage it? Who will it house and how many will it house and what will be the maximum stay?" he said.
"Fairly simple questions one would think and quite reasonable questions but questions we've unfortunately not been able to get answers to.
"This whole process as far as council is concerned and as far as the community is concerned has been fairly poorly managed from the start and I suppose the concern is if they were to build a centre, would that poor management then flow over to the running of the centre?"
A statement from Housing Minister Zoe Bettison says the Government has identified homelessness and rough sleeping in Coober Pedy as an issue of concern.
She says a decision has not been made on the facility and she will meet the council and other stakeholders before deciding whether to proceed.

Damage bill estimated at $2m after Coober Pedy flash flood as locals wait for wildflowers


PHOTO: The rain turned roads into rivers and left a damage bill as high as $2 million. (User submitted: Adele Kenny)
The damage bill to public infrastructure from recent flash flooding in Coober Pedy in South Australia's outback could be as high as $2 million.
More than 100 millimetres of rain fell in the outback town earlier this month, most of it within about an hour.
The local council has applied for disaster assistance from the State Government and says the clean-up could take until the end of the year.
Coober Pedy Council's acting chief executive Damien Clark says there is serious damage to roads around the town.
"We've got areas where we've lost thousands of tonnes of material on top of the road," he said.
"By the time we cart in material to replace the material that has been washed away, that could take anywhere between six to nine months.
"All the evidence suggests that it's probably the biggest hit to council's infrastructure."
Locals hope there might be a silver lining to the floods, with a chance the sodden soil could bring out the region's famous wildflowers.
Robert Coro from the Coober Pedy Retail Business and Tourism Association says the area has not seen widespread blossoming for about a decade.
"Probably about, round about 2004. I recall going out past the Moon Plain and taking a photograph of carpets of fantastic yellow flowers," he said.
"Everything from the Sturt Desert Pea to carpets, I mean literally carpets, of fantastic lilacs and purples and yellows and every colour of the rainbow."

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